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Private Water - Discounted Winter Rates - (Nov 1 - March 31)

60% Off Private Water Fly Fishing Trips!

Mile High Angler is excited to offer our ever popular winter fly fishing trip special from November 1st through March 31st.  Anglers have the luxury of fishing the best private water in Colorado at an extremely discounted rate.  At just $250 per person, anglers will have an expert guide on some of the most sought after private water in Colorado.   

What’s Included:
Anglers are provided with guided and instructional fishing, 2 miles of private water, a heated facility and a suggested equipment list including a winter fly selection.

What’s Not Included:
Anglers are responsible for providing their own equipment, terminal tackle (including flies and leaders), lunch, transportation and a fishing license.  We are happy to provide equipment and flies at an additional cost.  Gratuity for the instructor is not included.

Cancellation Policy:
Because this is a winter fly fishing trip, we fish in all weather conditions.  Mile High Angler alone reserves the right to cancel a trip.  Trips will be canceled if the river is too frozen or if the roads are closed due to weather.  If we must cancel your winter fly fishing trip due to conditions, we will make every effort to move the to another date.  If no other dates are available we will gladly issue a refund. Cancellations by a customer are only refundable if we can fill your spot with another angler.

Fly Fishing Private Water In Colorado

Mile High Angler has the advantage of offering private water guided fly fishing trips in Colorado. If you are looking to get away from the crowds or to catch some of the state’s largest trout, private water is the best way to go. On our private water fly fishing trips, it’s not uncommon for anglers to land trout as big as 10lbs. Even beginner anglers have the ability to catch these fish. All of the private water in Colorado that we fish is managed to produce trophy trout. We fish over 30 different properties, some of which are the best in the state. Our properties are unique, offering anglers seclusion and the opportunity to catch some of the biggest trout in Colorado.

Call or email us for more details on these private water fly fishing destinations in Colorado.

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Fly Fishing Public Water In Colorado

Colorado Fly Fishing Guided Trips
Mile High Angler is a Permitted Denver Colorado fly fishing guide service. We offer fly fishing guide trips on both public and private Colorado Rivers. Our Fly Fishing trout trips are hosted on some of Colorado’s best rivers. This allows us to put our anglers in the middle of the best fishing for the conditions and the time of year. Our Denver fly fishing guide service fishes some of Colorado's most productive wild trout water all within two hours of Denver. We offer fly fishing guide trips on the Colorado River, the William's Fork River, the Blue River and the South Platte River.

Our Colorado fly fishing guide trips on private water are as good as it gets for big trout and complete seclusion.  We have the exclusive lease on The Meadows, the best private water fly fishing in Colorado.  The North Fork Meadows is located only fifty minutes from Denver making it easy to get to.  It’s two miles long and when you reserve the property, you and your group will be the only anglers on the river.

To us, a guide trip is more than just catching fish. Our Colorado fly fishing guide service provides a safe, fun and educational approach to fishing and our trips are tailored to the individual customer. We have built our business on customer service and would love the opportunity to serve you.

Fishing with a Colorado fly fishing guide on public water will give you the knowledge and insight needed to fool the wild trout in Colorado. We believe that the best way to learn the tactics and techniques on your home water or to take advantage of your Colorado fly fishing vacation is to fish with a local and knowledgeable Colorado fly fishing guide.

Colorado River

Colorado River Fly Fishing Guided Trips

Colorado River Brown TroutThe Colorado River begins its journey as a small freestone river in Rocky Mountain National Park. As it moves down the valley and joins the Fraser River the Colorado grows in size and strength. This section is known as "Middle Park" and is where the best fly fishing opportunities are found. The Colorado River in "Middle Park" flows through ranch land and is abundant with insect life and trout. Dry fly fishing on the Colorado River can be spectacular as trout are eager to rise and not as picky as fish in other major tailwater rivers. In the spring, the Colorado river begins to swell, stoneflies begin to migrate and become the trouts main source of food. Often times, during runoff, the Colorado River produces one of the best Salmon Fly hatches in the state. By early summer, more bugs are hatching, fish are rising and this is one of the best places on the Earth to spend a day.

Colorado River Fly Fishing Guided Trips

At the town of Parshall, the Williams Fork River enters the Colorado River adding more cold water and keeping the fish happy all summer long. During late summer and fall, the Colorado River sees prolific Blue Winged Olive and Trico hatches that again offer incredible dry fly fishing. In the fall, streamer fishing is excellent giving anglers the ability to find some of Colorado’s big brown trout. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year to fly fish The Colorado River. The changing colors are a spectacular site to see. Brown trout dominate this stretch of river but there are still big, fat, Colorado River rainbows to be had. Fly fishing the Colorado river with a professional Colorado fly fishing guide is a great experience.

William's Fork River
Williams Fork Fly Fishing Guided Trips

Williams Fork RiverThe William's Fork River is one of Colorado's best kept secrets. The William’s Fork River is not accessible from the road and is often over looked. It is a medium sized tailwater that is just less than two miles in length. With fast riffles, deep runs and tons of pockets, the Williams Fork River provides trout with great places to hide and easy access to food. During the spring, the river’s first hatches are midges, baetis and a few caddis. This continues into runoff when the flows can sometimes exceed 1,000cfs. After flows subside and the river becomes manageable, fish return to their normal feeding lanes giving anglers the ability to hook some big numbers of fish. Yellow sallies, caddis, midges, tricos, and red quills are more than abundant and the fish feed like crazy.

Williams Fork River Brown TroutThe William’s Fork River fishes great in the summer, excellent in the fall and remains open during the winter giving anglers a year 'round fishery. The William’s Fork River might just be the best wade fishing trip in the state. Our Colorado fly fishing guides enjoying guiding "The Fork" so much, they spend a lot of their days off fishing it. If you are interested in taking a Colorado guided fly fishing trip on the William’s Fork River give us a call. Our professional Denver fly fishing guides have fished it for years and know it inside and out.

Blue River
Blue River Fly Fishing Guided Trips

Blue River Fly Fishing GuidesThe Blue River is one of the most scenic rivers in the state and much of it has been designated Gold Metal Water. Most anglers concentrate their efforts above Green Mountain Reservoir and below Lake Dillon. The Blue River is known to be finicky, providing anglers with great success one day while being stubbornly tough the next. Most anglers have a love/hate relationship with the Blue River and because of this you can often have the river all to yourself. There are several great public access points along Hwy. 9 below the town of Silverthorne. For anglers traveling with non-fishing partners, there are factory outlet stores in the town of Silverthorne and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The Blue River is a year 'round fishery because it is dam released. Bug hatches pick up in the spring and continue all season long. During runoff, flows may be too high to wade, but will usually settle down my mid July. The Blue River is full of rainbows, browns, snake river cutthroat and even has a few brookies. Fall is definitely the prettiest time of year as the cottonwood and aspen trees light up along the river. If you are looking for a beautiful place to fish, fly fishing the Blue River is a must. Fishing the Blue River with a Denver fly fishing guide will get you into some of the more hard to find places.

South Platte River

The South Platte River begins its long journey to the Mississippi River on the top of the Continental Divide in South Park. It’s a Colorado fly fishing paradise that provides a multitude of fly fishing locations, each different from the next. For fly fisherman in Colorado the South Platte River is divided into several main sections. These include and are not limited to The Middle Fork of the South Platte, The Dream Stream, Eleven Mile Canyon, Cheesman Canyon, Deckers, Waterton Canyon and Denver also known as “The Urban River”.

The Middle Fork
South Platte River Fly Fishing TripsThe Middle Fork of the South Platte River is a small river that eventually flows into Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Tomahawk State Wildlife Area and Badger Basin make up most of this section that encompasses almost 6 miles of river. The South Platte River here is a small meandering stream that flows through a series of beaver dams, willows and braids giving anglers plenty of water and structure to fish. The middle fork fish on average are 6-12 inches and most are suckers for dry flies. During the fall months, huge brown trout enter the river from Spinney Mountain Reservoir and test an angler’s ability to catch large trout. Fly fishing Tomahawk with a Colorado fly fishing guide is the best way to learn your way around. Your fly fishing guide will help you find the best way to navigate this tricky section of the South Platte River. If you don't mind a lot of walking, the middle fork is an awesome trip.

The Dream Stream
The “Dream Stream” is located on the South Fork of The South Platte River between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile Reservoir.

Colorado Fly Fishing Guided Trips

Dream Stream Fly Fishing TripsThis section of the South Platte River is 3 1/2 miles in length and flows through lush meandering meadows. It holds a variety of fish including browns, rainbows, cutthroat, cut-bows and even fall-run kokanee salmon. The water is gin clear making it a challenge for anglers to sneak up on fish. During the spring, big cutthroats and cuttbows swim up the river form Eleven Mile Reservoir to spawn. Fly fishing the South Platte River during this spring migration is a challenging sight fishing opportunity and requires accuracy and stealth.

During the summer months the “Dream Stream” is one of Colorado’s best dry fly fishing rivers. The South Platte River is a smorgasbord of bugs with tricos being the main event. In July and August a tiny mayfly called the trico hatches on the South Platte River providing some of the best dry fly fishing in Colorado.

This section of the South Platte River is known to be a spawning area to some of Colorado’s largest brown trout. These browns migrate up into the South Platte River from Eleven Mile Reservoir in the fall to spawn. Anglers sight fish to huge brown trout some of which exceed 30”. Hiring one of our Denver Colorado fly fishing guides is your best chance at catching these fish. During the fall if our guides aren’t guiding this is where they are fishing.

Dream Stream Fly Fishing Guided Trips

Cheesman Canyon

Dream Stream Fly Fishing TripsCheesman Canyon is perhaps the most well known section of the South Platte River. It tumbles its way down from Cheesman Reservoir through a picturesque granite lined canyon with boulders the size of school busses and V.W. Bugs. It is known not only for its beauty but for its selective feeding trout as well. It has been said "if you can catch trout in Cheesman Canyon, you can catch trout anywhere". Cheesman canyon is one of the most difficult fisheries in the west. Primarily a nymphing river, it is one of the best places to sight fish in the world. You haven't been fly fishing in Colorado until you have fished Cheesman Canyon. Because it is a tailwater, Cheesman Canyon is a great year 'round fishery. We guide on the Denver Water section of Cheesman Canyon which is located at the top end just below the dam. The trout in the upper end of the canyon receive less pressure than the rest of the canyon and are at times more willing to take a fly. This guide trip is not for the faint of heart as the trail is straight up and down. The river here is very difficult to access and requires a great deal of hiking. If you are young, fit and up for a challenge, the upper end of Cheesman Canyon is an incredible place to fish.


The Deckers area of the South Platte River is very similar to Cheesman Canyon with exception of easier access and fewer boulders. The South Platte River here is much more heavily pressured because of the easy access and the camping that is allowed on the river. Make no mistake, the Deckers area is still a quality fishery and lends itself to a great half day Colorado fly fishing trip. The river at Deckers has a growing brown trout population. Brown Trout have been thriving in this now caddis and stonefly dominated fishery. May flies are also around and we are seeing more of them every day. Fly fishing the South Platte River at Deckers with a Colorado fly fishing guide is a great way to get introduced to the sport of fly fishing in Colorado. This stretch lends itself to beginners and first time anglers. The South Platte River in Deckers is very easy to wade and there is ample parking along the river. Our Mile High Angler fly fishing guides can show you a great and educational approach to fly fishing.

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