Private Water Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly fishing private water in Colorado should be a special experience. When you book The North Fork Meadows with Mile High Angler, we guarantee a truly private fly fishing experience in which you will be the only group on the river that day.

Other ranches claim to offer private water fly fishing, when in fact there are other groups sharing the river and the experience becomes much like that of a public water trip.

Book with us and see what private water fly fishing in Colorado is all about!

Fly Fishing Private Water in Colorado with Mile High Angler is the ultimate trout fishing trip. On our premier and exclusive property, The North Fork Meadows, you will have The North Fork of The South Platte River all to yourself.

This little slice of paradise is loaded with huge rainbows, brown trout, cutthroat, and even a few brook trout. The fish on this private water fly fishing ranch average 2 – 4 lbs. with the every now and again surprise of a 6 – 10 lb. monster.

This is Colorado’s Best Private Water Fly Fishing ranch!

The North Fork Meadows has a great variety of water that accommodates anglers of all skill levels.

It’s a great combination of fast riffles, pocket water, long runs and deep holes and is broken down into two different sections, the lower and upper North Fork Meadows.
The lower section of the North Fork Meadows is wide open and is perfect for longer casting and mending.  There are plenty of spots that go untouched and the savvy angler can pick fish out of all of them.  It’s fast riffles, overhanging brush and challenging wading will test any angler’s skills.

There are fish in all the obvious places and a good first cast is usually the most rewarded. Most of the fishing on the lower North Fork Meadows is best done with nymphs however streamers can entice an agressive strike. The fish hold in fast water and a lot of weight is needed to get down to the fish. In a few of the bigger runs a twitchy streamer will usually produce a fish or two. 
The North Fork Meadows is perfect for anglers of all abilities. There are fast riffles, long runs, pocket water and deep holes that produce some of the largest fish on the North Fork of the South Platte River. Becasue the river here is private, the fish see much less pressure than public water. This section of the South Platte River tends to fish well no matter what the flows are and is perfect for any guided fly fishing trip. Short line or long line nymphing is the norm but a good caster that likes throwing big flies will fall in love with the streamer fishing. Every run, pocket and deep pool holds huge trout that will crush a well presented streamer. The North Fork Meadows offers some of the best streamer fishing in Colorado, hands down. Come try it out and fish with a Colorado fly fishing guide on private water.
The upper North Fork Meadows is the perfect way to end a great day of Private Water Fly Fishing in Colorado. The dry fly fishing in the afternoon can be absolutely incredible with lots of bug hatches.

In the summer and fall we get good numbers of green drakes and red quills that come off in the afternoon.These hatches produce some of the best dry fly fishing in Colorado.

The North Fork of the South Platte River splits into two sections on the upper Meadows and the smaller channel is perfect for sight fishing.
The North Fork Meadows is one of Colorado’s best fly fishing ranches and only Colorado Guided Fly Fishing Trips are allowed. The river is located just fifty minutes from Denver and is perfect for fly fishing trips in Colorado or fly fishing close to Denver. Our Denver fly fishing guides have been fishing this property for 17 years and know the river inside and out.

The North Fork Meadows fly fishing property fishes well year-round offering anglers the ability to have great fishing even through the winter months. The North Fork of the South Platte gets most of its water from Lake Dillon through Robert’s Tunnel. Because of the tunnel, the water temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much throughout the year creating a stable environment.
Fly Fishing Public Water is getting more and more crowded and private water fly fishing guided trips in Colorado are a popular choice. So popular in fact that the North Fork Meadows books up rather quickly. If you are looking to Fly Fish Private Water in Colorado then booking in advance is a must. During the prime fly fishing months in Colorado, The North Fork Meadows can start to book up four to six months in advance. To ensure your reservation on this property, contact the fly fishing ranch manager, Chris Wells at Mile High Angler.

For more information on pricing and cancellation visit the Pricing Page.
We are located only 50 minutes west of Denver, conveniently the closest and best fishing from the Mile High City!
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