William's Fork River

The William’s Fork River is a tailwater river system that comes out of William’s Fork Reservoir. It’s part of Kemp/Breeze Colorado State Wildlife Area and a fantastic public resource. It’s located in Middle Park, winds its way through ranch land and is a tributary of the Upper Colorado River. You are not alone on this river, wildlife such as Moose, Deer, Elk, Bear and different types of bird will likely accompany you on your outing. Be sure to watch out for Moose as their temperament is more aggressive than not. 

During the spring, the river’s first hatches are midges, baetis and a few caddis. This continues into runoff when the flows can sometimes exceed 1,000cfs. 
After flows subside and the river becomes manageable, fish return to their normal feeding lanes giving anglers the ability to hook some big numbers of fish. Yellow sallies, caddis, midges, tricos, stoneflies and red quills are more than abundant and the fish feed like crazy. 

Fly Fishing the William’s Fork River in summer is spectacular…if you can handle the mosquitoes! Just like the Colorado River, the William’s Fork River is one of the buggiest places we know. Making sure you are prepared ensures that you will be comfortable while fishing. Summer on the “Fork” is beautiful with hot days and cold water creating a trout habitat that surpasses most. Dry fly fishing can be incredible with fish willing to take a variety of flies including attractor and exact imitations.
Fall fly fishing on the William’s Fork River is as good as it gets. Cool nights and warm days provide for a comfortable setting and the fishing is at its peak. Fall colors on the William’s Fork River make this one of the most scenic valleys in the state. The dry fly fishing in the fall is excellent and the streamer bite improves daily. 

During the fall, large numbers of brown trout enter the William’s Fork from the Colorado River. They spawn over the entire 2 miles of river so be careful of where you walk. Be sure not to fish to actively spawning fish, they need this time to reproduce and deserve a break from pressure. 
Fishing below these fish is ethical and will surly produce action. Many fish including rainbows sit below spawning trout feeding on the released eggs. 

Winter on the William’s Fork River is a cold experience. It’s often fishable as long as good flows keep the river ice free. The most difficult aspect of winter fly fishing on the William’s Fork is undoubtedly the hike in. Anglers often find themselves breaking trail and “post holeing” though thigh high snow. Bringing a good pair of light weight snow shoes can be a huge advantage.

The William’s Fork River fishes great in the summer, excellent in the fall and remains open during the winter giving anglers a year 'round fishery.
This river is designated Gold Metal Water and is catch and release only. The William’s Fork River might just be the best wade fishing trip in the state.

Our Colorado fly fishing guides enjoying guiding "The Fork" so much, they spend a lot of their days off fishing it. If you are interested in taking a Colorado guided fly fishing trip on the William’s Fork River give us a call. Our professional Denver fly fishing guides have fished it for years and know it inside and out. (303) 324-1854
We are located only 50 minutes west of Denver, conveniently the closest and best fishing from the Mile High City!
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